This is a video from the Texas Medical Association with an interview of a physician wanting to report a case to the authorities she deemed necessary from her visits with the children, but when discussed with management, she was relieved of her job.  Do organizations listen to doctors or do they know better?  In the age of transparency we live in today, there’s not much to hide, so you can watch the video and make your own conclusion. 

If children are being abused and a clear case has been determined, why did they not listen?  Last month at a hospital in Texas, the ER staff was fired in what appears to be a catch 22 situation with admission being down, ER staff was told to admit more, then were fired for admitting those who who should not have been.  Video at the link below.  BD

Hospital Admissions are Down – ER Doctors are Fired – Texas Medical Association

Why did the owners of a residential treatment center try to stop a doctor from reporting a child sex scandal to authorities? Why did they fire her when she did report it? Watch Dr. Linda Adair tell...

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