It seems to appear that is nothing is done, we will end up with a national plan of some sort by default.  The system we have today keeps getting worse and nobody likes insurance companies for the most part due to their business intelligence practices, and we keep finding more about those as times goes on.  Sure there has to be some risk management, but the pendulum has swung perhaps a little too far in one direction.  I think from what we see of late, most of them want to be some sort of Venture Capitalists as they are creating funds to invest in “more business intelligence” software and devices.  Again, I like technology and what it can do, but there’s nobody in control on how this is implemented and this goes beyond lawmaking as a law that is passed today is almost becoming out dated the next day as new technology pops up where there’s nothing governing it, so back the drawing board and waiting? 

This article says we need to defy history and maybe that is the case.  We have done that already with bailing out banks and for the consumer, it’s not getting any better and not a lot better for many investors too.  We could perhaps take over profitable companies to maybe bail out the ones with money issues, that would be defying history for sure, and what a novel idea to maybe create some balance?   Blue Cross created the Blue Cross bank, so maybe they want to be banks too.   

As the economic conditions persist as they are today, let’s face it, we are not going to increase jobs when the cost is cheaper overseas.  There might and have been some steps in that direction from a few admirable companies, but it’s not enough.  Why is it we have to bail folks out and create money but can’t use those who have money to help the others?  Do we not live an age where we should be reaching to help? 

Consolidation in Health Insurance Carriers – Who will be the king of risk management?

They do like devices too, so are working towards a self help ER Room by chance where you walk in, hit the kiosk, hook up a bunch of devices and wait?  Just curious if this is the direction we are headed? 
The Muve Gruve Device Measures your Inactivity – Intrusive Technology with a Human Audit Trail?

This device company states right on their web site that their target market is employer insurance, a device that is in essence a human audit trail.

The Health Coach/Insurance Company – Employer plan to uses devices and phones for employees to prove their physical activity

How Hospitals Go To War – Tenet and HCA – It’s a Hedge War with Insurers

If they can figure out, more power to them, but the way the pendulum swings today, it’s money instead of healthcare that is the focus and it should be the other way around.  The cost of R and D is not getting any cheaper and Science and Clinical are merging to come together, and that’s a cost that comes with finding cures for diseases.  No money, no cures, so bite the bullet and fund it. 

Education is still the best investment going out there too.  The “smart folks” see it as the Gates Foundation is paying for spots on television, don’t see anyone else doing that.  Education starts at the top with Congress and includes everyone down the line.  Shoot that Senate Committee had imagenever even seen a personal health record earlier this year, and they have been around now for a couple years, so I just question, do they get it, do they understand?  Is this more “magpie healthcare” with everyone still talking with no action? 

The Oprah Show – Dr. Oz Explores and Explains Regenerative Medicine

Oprah Joining Us on Twitter - @Oprah is the Place

Dr. Oz (as seen on Oprah) Discusses How Electronic Medical Records Improve Care – New York Presbyterian moves forward from pilot program

Like almost else today as far as education goes, we have to wait until Oprah gets it going I guess. I would almost bet that Oprah will have a personal health record far sooner than members of Congress (grin), but Oprah apprises herself of Dr. Oz too, she talks with “smart people”.  BD 

Senators get down to work this coming week on turning ideas into legislation to cover some 50 million people without health insurance and contain costs for everyone else. Hopes are high that Democrats and Republicans can find common ground for a bill to emerge by summer.

They will have to defy history.

Grand plans to revamp health care have a half-century history of collapsing. More focused proposals, such as the creation of Medicare in 1965, have succeeded.

Lawmakers are far apart on some of the most important issues today, from the reach of government to the responsibilities of employers and individuals. And guaranteeing coverage for all could cost $1.5 trillion over 10 years, an eye-popping sum in a time of recession and mounting national debt.

The Associated Press: Health care: Deal or no deal? Senators begin work

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