According to this study, the virtual reps with the e-promotions are turning out to be a bit more popular.  Just like anything else that is on the imagecomputer and internet, it offers the physicians the ability to intertwine at their convenience.  A few years ago at several meetings I attended at Microsoft we talked a lot about this, virtual meetings, and now it is coming to pass, but the computers don’t have samples though, but those could also be delivered by a non drug representative via a parcel service too.  No matter what it is today, it’s getting harder to find time for people to find time for people.  BD  

Look no further for more evidence that humanity is getting a little too, er, enamored with the internet. According to a study of pharma e-promotions, almost three-fourths of doctors said they'd just as soon talk with a computer than with a drug rep--and some even preferred the computer.

If this study is to be believed, it's clear why e-promotion is on the move. More than two-thirds of physicians said they had a positive attitude toward this type of interaction with drugmakers. Perhaps that's because they could do so at their leisure. Almost 70 percent said they did their e-promos in the evenings. Or perhaps it's just because they don't have to make conversation.

News flash: Docs like e-promos – FiercePharma


  1. but, the e-meetings have to be above board. The real money in Pharma, is to get the doctor to overprescribe your drug and many encourage that by bending rules.

    Pharma reps should be banned.


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