This is pretty scary seeing over 1000 surgeries performed on healthy people in return for cash, so the procedures could be billed for profit. His imageattorneys say though he is still an excellent doctor and I would hope so after the surgeries he performed to at least not give anyone who participated grief down the road. 

The Sweaty Palms surgery involves cutting the nerves that stimulate the sweat glands and requires collapsing the lung, which to me is a bit risky when the lung is involved.  He’s not done yet though, more court appearances for another fraud scheme in the works.  With 180 sweaty palm surgeries on 178 patients in a four-month span it would seem to be a bit suspicious once anyone ran their business intelligence software with some analytics and perhaps this is how he was caught with billing Aetna, they are after all a risk management company that does this for a living.   This all happened a couple years ago, when more individuals still had health insurance.  An undercover patient was the secret shopper here.  BD 

A Seal Beach, CA doctor, who is in prison for performing an unnecessary sweaty-palm surgery billed to an insurance company, has lost his medical license, effective this week.

Dr. William Wilson Hampton is serving 10 years in federal prison in Lompoc after his conviction in 2007 for defrauding Aetna by operating on a healthy patient, who was recruited to give false symptoms, according to legal documents filed by the California Medical Board.

Hampton, 53, is also awaiting an October trial in Orange County in connection with a $30.5 million fraud scheme run from Unity Outpatient Surgery Center in Buena Park. At the time of his arrest two years ago, authorities said Hampton and two other doctors performed unnecessary surgeries for sweaty palms, hemorrhoids or cysts on more than 1,000 healthy, insured patients..

According to court testimony, recruiters targeted young people who were in need of cash to undergo the surgeries.

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