The former CEO who stepped down last month will be returning to help out.  Freddie Mac, in view of what has occurred in today’s economy more than likely was a pretty stressful work place.  With all the financial algorithms and the fall of Wall Street and trying to rectify and turn the scenario around, if that can be accomplished could at minimum lead anyone to have sleepless nights.  imageI have issues related to some of the work I do with security and healthcare that keep me aware a night, of course perhaps minimal compared to what he had on his plate.

How do you run the business intelligence algorithms to create a solution?  Anyone in the financial section can verify how complicated this is and becomes, and if the desired results can’t be produced, well where do you go from there?  To what levels can one be pushed to ascertain desired results when perhaps the revenue required to do so can’t be generated?  BD  

David B. Kellermann, the Freddie Mac executive who was found dead Wednesday in what appeared to be a suicide, discussed taking time off with the company's human relations department Tuesday, according to a person familiar with the matter.
Kellermann, a longtime employee of the troubled mortgage giant who had been acting chief financial officer since a government takeover in September, told officials that he was feeling stressed and working long hours, and that he needed to take a break, the person said.

Freddie Mac assured Kellermann he could take a week off, effective immediately, and his subordinates could run the finance operation without interruption. On Tuesday night, Kellermann apparently decided to take the vacation and delegated responsibilities to two senior members of his staff, the person said.

Freddie Mac executive David Kellermann sought time off before apparent suicide - Los Angeles Times


  1. I wonder if Senator Grassley is feeling any regret right now for recommending that a few executives either resign or kill themselves


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