Have you had any spam from Aetna lately?  The article states this is how the breach was identified with individuals complaining.  If you applied for a job with Aetna, might we worth taking a look into this too.  Everyone gets a year of free credit monitoring.  One item of notice is that the site was maintained by an outside vendor, outsourcing?  They are looking into the matter with a forensic investigator.  Today, you really need the services of an outside party too that scans networks by the second that search for this type of activity, but whether or not this was in use is not stated in the article.  i guess the good news here is that it was not highly sensitive patient files at risk.  BD

Insurance company Aetna has contacted 65,000 current and former employees whose Social Security numbers (SSNs) may have been compromised in a Web site data breach.

The job application Web site also held names, phone numbers, e-mail and mailing addresses for up to 450,000 applicants, Aetna spokeswoman Cynthia Michener said. SSNs for those people were not stored on the site, which was maintained by an external vendor.

The company found out about the breach earlier this month when people began receiving spam messages that appeared to come from Aetna and complained to the company, Michener said. The spam purported to be a response to a job inquiry and requested more personal information.

Aetna Contacts 65,000 After Web Site Data Breach - Business Center - PC World


  1. Well their career site is provided by technology from a company called Taleo. If they were/are the outside firm then the issue could be potentially affecting hundreds of other companies that use their technolgy.

  2. Wow, you could be right there depending on how far it went and what they were looking for.


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