Anyone who has been around healthcare for any number of years has pretty much heard of Medisoft billing software.  When it came out years ago it imagewas affordable and multitudes of practices purchased the software.  Since that time the company has gone under several acquisitions and now is part of McKesson. 

Not having seen the new software, I’m not sure which data base it uses in it’s current form and if Advantage is still the back end.  Myself in my travels have done quite a few data transfers to other products through client requests.  With the new interoperability now added, there may be some new changes with populating and updated patient and payer information.  As mentioned, the targeted audience is the smaller physician practices.  I would guess there is or should be some integration with the overall McKesson system as well.  BD 

McKesson Corp., San Francisco, is offering smaller group practices a new option for licensing electronic health records software.image

The company has introduced Medisoft Clinical, which combines the practice management capabilities of Medisoft v15 with its Practice Partner Patient Records application. The combo is designed for implementation locally on a practice’s server. 

McKesson is targeting Medisoft Clinical to the approximately 100,000 physicians who already use its Medisoft or Lytec practice management system, says David Henriksen, senior vice president and general manager of McKesson’s physician practice solutions group. Medisoft Clinical will be marketed primarily through value-added resellers

McKesson Offers New EHR Option

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  1. TC - practice managerFebruary 26, 2010 at 7:27 AM

    Stay away from McKesson's products. They sell you the software but require mandantory updates costing thousands of dollars.

    Tech support is also horrible often passing the buck. Also, try and get in touch with them--it will take at least an hour or two.

    Stay away---look elsewhere. My advise.

  2. McKesson Practice Partner is a joke, all the way from the database model to their support, including but not limited to fresh installs and upgrades. The database is a beast, and without a full production environment it will crush any small size medical facility budget.


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