He is facing a fitness to practice hearing and could be suspended.  He is a biomedical scientist that worked in the lab portion of the hospital.  It imagesounds like perhaps he may have had a little too much free time on his hands here.  It is interesting to find these stories where people still keep abusing the work computer and forget that their computer is at home, do what you want at home, but have a little respect for what goes on at work.  BD  

A hospital worker is facing an inquiry into claims he rigged up a webcam in a bedroom used by nurses and doctors on call during the night.

Biomedical scientist David Gibbs, who worked at Weston General Hospital, is also alleged to have downloaded porn onto computers owned by his employers, Weston Area Health Trust.

Gibbs, who worked in one of the 327-bed hospital's laboratories, is alleged to have downloaded the pornography during a six-month period and stored it on one of the hospital's laptops and on CD-Roms belonging to the trust.

He also faces claims that he loaded unauthorized software on to a hospital computer.

The allegations against the biomedical scientist date back to 2007. They state that on October 7 he connected a webcam to a PC owned by WAHT in an on-call staff bedroom.

On October 1, 3 and 7 he is said to have loaded unauthorized software onto a trust computer.

On September 15 and 30 he is alleged to have downloaded and stored pornographic images onto a WAHT laptop.

Weston hospital worker David Gibbs alleged to have put webcam in nurses bedroom and downloaded porn | News | This is Bristol

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