With the online test, you receive a score of between 1 and 999, and the higher the score, the bigger risk you would be for identify theft.  This is an interesting concept and I thought worth mentioning since we have all the stories and exposure today to theft.

If you are a victim at any time, there is the Identity Theft Resource Center that can be of help and the online service will send imageyou there if your score is high.  I have not tried this out myself but will tuck it away as a reference just in case.  BD 

San Diego-based ID Analytics is launching a free online test that measures the vulnerability of individual consumers to identity theft.  The test, called My ID Score, makes use of the same huge database and analytical software technology that ID Analytics uses to rank the probability that credit card purchases and other transactions are authentic.

The free online service, which the company is announcing today, enables a consumer to quickly get a ranking of just how exposed he or she may be to identity theft. “You can immediately assess the risk of someone else posing as you,” says ID Analytics Chief Marketing Officer Larry McIntosh. My ID Score is the first public test to use the company’s state-of-the-art technology created to prevent a fraudster from usurping someone else’s personal information and credit to make fraudulent purchases.

ID Analytics Offers Consumers Free Online Check-Up for Identity Theft | Xconomy


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