I have not tried this yet, but I will.  It was not created by either Microsoft or Google, but rather a 3rd party, so this will be interesting to see how it imageworks.  The big thing here is being able to use your desktop Office installation to edit, etc. as it is more feature loaded than working from web documents; however the benefit of working from the web with Google docs offers some nice features too. 

I have already found my solution with the Office Live Workspace and Small Business that takes care of what I do and share on the web, but I’ll have to just try this out. 

If you are doing some serious research the Word Ontology Add in might be handy. 

 One other item of note for students, don’t forget the Big Steal for $59.99 – Office Ultimate which is normally around $600.00 and available for current students with an EDU email address extension and runs through December 2010.


You get a toolbar with Office to connect to Offisync.  Make sure you have a Google Docs account first before installing.  The website pretty much explains all.  BD

First, you need to configure Offisync with your Google account details using the “Accounts” button. Offisync supports multiple accounts, so if you use both Google Docs and Google Apps, you can easily switch between them.

You can then use Google Docs as an online repository for your Office documents. Click on “Save As” in the Offisync toolbar and you get access to a file menu showing your Google Docs account. As well as being able to save files, you can add, rename and delete folders.


Offisynch - Office and Google Docs

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