Is this an HR problem?  It appears at least to have their involvement here to some degree and perhaps is there a mistake or did the attorney just flat out lie.  Anyway, with today’s economy, this is is one big nightmare for the hospital system, depending on how much work he has or has not done and where he was their representation.  4 Public Hospitals come under the system as well as several other healthcare facilities in Florida.  BD

The latest problem to hit the North Broward Hospital District erupted Thursday, when commissioners learned their general counsel since

the end of 2008 wasn’t licensed to practice law in Florida.

Meeting at a hastily called emergency meeting, commissioners voted to immediately suspend the general counsel, Marc Goldstone. He has until 4 p.m. Friday to resign.

If he doesn’t resign, he’ll be terminated for cause.

Hospital district ousts its general counsel who wasn’t a licensed Florida lawyer


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