He passed away after being hospitalized for 5 days and had a history of other illnesses, such as we all seem to have to some degree, including gout,image which the family states was being treated and was under control.  People die from the flu every year, but being the Swine flu was a world wide alert and a new variant we had not seen before, the associated deaths are to be of concern.

He was a well liked and admired teacher by all.  BD 

The assistant principal of a Queens school who had been hospitalized with swine flu died on Sunday evening. It was the first death in New York State from the outbreak and came as city officials announced that five more Queens schools had been closed.

Hours before the death of the assistant principal, Mitchell Wiener, city officials announced that five more Queens schools had closed.

On Friday, Dr. Daniel Jernigan, head of flu epidemiology for the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, said there had been 173 hospitalizations and 5 deaths reported to the agency. But he emphasized that most cases in the United States — possibly “upwards of 100,000” — were mild.

First Swine Flu Death Reported in New York - NYTimes.com

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