Lately we have been reading about the cell phone with Windows Mobile that can ultra sounds.  Just today, a PDA sized device, not a windows mobile imagephone, was given approval by the FDA.  There are quite a few pictures and videos at the site.  When you look at the screens though, it sure looks like Windows Mobile OS to me, my preferred choice of operating system for a cell phone.

It appears what we saw in the last couple weeks has taken some of the technology with the device shown here and scaled it to a Smart Phone.  This device is not a smart phone, but a device the size of the phone.  In a clinical setting though, a device that is not a phone might be preferred and as the article states, it can be worn around the neck.  BD 

Signostics Medical, maker of more affordable, compact and portable ultrasound devices, announced today that it has gotten the stamp of imageapproval from the Food and Drug Administration. Based in Palo Alto, Calif., the company says that the price and convenience of its palm-sized product could disrupt the current ultrasound market as soon as its released.

Weighing only half a pound, the device appears to be particularly well-suited to active medical environments like emergency rooms, pediatric facilities, clinics in rural or developing regions and sports medicine practices. Physicians can actually carry the devices in their pockets, or wear them around their necks like a stethoscope, Signostics says. Despite its relative simplicity, the machine still provides clear images during bladder, adnominal and intestinal screenings. It call also be applied for obstetric purposes, to view babies and their positions within the uterus on the go.

image image

image image

Signostics wins FDA approval for portable ultrasounds » VentureBeat

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