Due to Senator’s Kennedy’s Health Senator Baucus has had to pick up the ball and run, and he stated he has had to fully sit down and spend many hours studying and getting caught up.

Tough job, and really what we need are the “smart people” today to help out too, since 95% of the decision we make today are based on softwareimage, healthcare included.  We have too many outside the technology ring who are less informed and thus we see re-active motions instead of pro-active, we have been living with this method for years, but it’s not going to work much longer.

Wall Street and Healthcare – Was it the Mob or have the rest of us been operating like a PC with no anti-virus protection?

Madoff's Scheme – One Reason To Put the “Smart People” in the Right Places So We Don’t Get Fooled Again

If the leaders today are not using extreme technology to crunch and analyze data to create solutions to filter and get down to the decision making points, then our fears of no decision may come to pass.  BD

Max Baucus, chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, may be President Obama's most critical ally on health-care reform. But which version of the independent-minded Montanan will preside as the debate intensifies this summer?

"I'm sick and tired of being the maintenance senator, the extender senator," he said in his spacious corner office on Capitol Hill. "Here, we're doing something. It's holistic, it's our health-care apparatus. We don't even have a system in America, really, and the idea is to get some structure, some meaning. You add it all together, and it's strategic. It's fun. A lot of senators want to participate in it, and groups do. They know that the train is leaving the station. There's a sense of inevitability here."

Now 67, Baucus remains a Senate original in a chamber that has become increasingly homogeneous. He once confessed to viewing politics as "dirty, corrupted and tainted," but he hasn't lost a race in his conservative state since 1972. By dint of his seniority, Baucus is responsible for delivering the biggest breakthrough in health policy since Medicare was enacted nearly 45 years ago.

"The president wants a bipartisan bill; I want a bipartisan bill, because it's more sustainable. I hope that happens; I think there's a good chance that that might happen. But I don't know. Crunch time is coming up here pretty soon."


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