Teva wants to sell a generic version of the product and claims Amgen is using it’s patented technology to create Sensipar and now it wants Amgen to pay and halt production.  This is unusual to somewhat see the tables turned here, usually it is the named brand going after a generic. 

This case could end up with some interesting results if Amgen were ordered to stop making the medication, and of course Teva would have to be approved by the FDA to fill the bill by that time I would guess.  In the meantime, perhaps they could reach a financial agreement out of court. 

Teva is also busy bringing Merck to court too over patent issues, a little different in the fact that the legality is being questioned, but one more legal case. 

Merck and Teva Go to Court over Singulair Going Generic

More information on Teva in the related reading below.  BD

And now a word from the Teva Marketing Department:

Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd., the world's largest generic-drug maker, claims in a lawsuit that biotechnology company Amgen Inc. is using its patented invention to make the kidney disease treatment Sensipar. Teva, which is seeking U.S. Food and Drug Administration approval to sell a generic version of the medicine, filed the complaint yesterday in federal court in Philadelphia. It seeks a court order to halt use of its invention, plus cash compensation.

Teva's patent covers a process to prepare cinacalcet, a type of compound used to treat certain complications suffered by people who have kidney disease and are undergoing dialysis. TEVA (Nasdaq) closed at $44.28, down 42 cents.

Teva claims Amgen uses patented invention - The Globe and Mail

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