Well there goes my entertainment for the holiday weekend, (grin).  I had hoped to take up a new hobby and afterwards engage a little time with my favorite drug, Cheerios and enjoy.  Ok, well not really but it sounded good for the post.  The products were said to have yeast and mold which would cause irritation.  I’m hoping these days that I’m not getting too much of that in my diet with various food products too.  BDimage

WASHINGTON — A nationwide recall of children’s face paints is being expanded to two additional colors.

The Food and Drug Administration warned consumers last week to stop using six paint colors distributed by Oriental Trading Co. of Omaha, Neb., after reports of rashes and skin irritations. The products were found to have yeast and mold counts above industry guidelines, FDA said.

Oriental Trading Co. subsidiary Fun Express Inc. announced Friday it was adding white and yellow face paints to the colors already recalled, which were blue, purple, red, orange, black and green.

The two new products being recalled can be identified by item numbers printed on the back of the packaging:

—White: item No. 85/2338.  

—Yellow: item No. 85/2339.

Adverse reactions can be reported to the FDA at http://www.fda.gov/medwatch.

Consumers can reach Fun Express at 1-888-999-0442.

Recalls: 2 more colors added to face paint list - Business - Ledger-Enquirer.com


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