When you read this, they are really taking the threat seriously.  I think today is the day they were to be released.  BD 

LINGANG, China – There are four of them waiting for us, tottering about the hotel parking lot in yellow biohazard suits.


Hotel workers set the food in the hallway and move back so we can pick it up. Apparently, they're scared we'll give them the flu.

My wife and I are in perfect health, but after flying to China for my college friend's wedding we're being quarantined in a remote hotel for seven days. The reason: Our flight from our home in Havana included a layover in Cancun, and China is taking no chances with swine flu.

The hotel is closed except for people in quarantine, and the first day we are the only foreigners. Because government attendants still think we're on our honeymoon, we get the nicest room: a suite with a king-size bed, a couch and a large balcony with a view of the ocean, vast open spaces and farmland in the distance.

Every morning, a man with a tank on his back fumigates the hallway carpets. Workers come into our room to scrub the floor and furniture with disinfectant. They give us disinfectant pills for the toilet: You throw in 10 before using it and 10 afterward. The garbage can has a mustard-yellow bag inside, marked "Warning! Infectious Medical Waste."

AP reporter quarantined in China after Cancun stop


  1. Surely,swine flu is one of the booming disease at the present with which we have to deal with.
    And,the countries all over tha world are adopting certain measures to tackle it.Therefor, China Govt. is also cautious about it and taking appropiate steps as possible.This is also one of the case in which a man and his wife is quarantined in China for 7 days as their flight from their home included a layover in Cannon.


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