Two new implantable devices for the control of Parkinson’s Disease.  The new Activa RC unit is slated to last for 9 years and is rechargeable.  The Activa PC is a smaller model by 20%.  One of the new features mentioned are advanced programming features, the software is always getting imageupgraded.  If you have not seen what the implants can do for a person with Parkinson’s Disease, it’s pretty outstanding and in many instances brings the quality of life pretty much back to normal.  There are videos on YouTube where individuals who use one have turned it off just to video and show how they are without it, almost disturbing when you see how they revert right back with the power off.  This link has a couple videos that somewhat describe a couple cases where you can get an idea of how powerful and helpful the devices can be for those who suffer.  BD

(RTTNews) -  Thursday, medical devices maker Medtronic, Inc. (MDT: News ) said the U.S. Food and Drug Administration or FDA approved two deep brain stimulation devices, Activa RC and Activa PC for the treatment of movement disorders in advanced Parkinson's disease and essential tremor. The new devices are expected to be available in June in the U.S.  image

The deep brain stimulation device consists of implantable and external components. A thin, coiled wire with electrodes on the end is placed in a specific target in the brain and is connected to a neurostimulator, which is similar to a pacemaker. The neurostimulator, placed beneath the skin in the chest, produces tiny electrical pulses that are believed to block abnormal brain function that causes disabling movements.

Further, Medtronic noted that Activa PC has become the most widely used device in Europe for bi-lateral deep brain stimulation therapy, since the approval of both Activa RC and Activa PC in Europe in August 2008.

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