Transit companies are not the only ones with cell phone use being an issue.  I think we are going to see more of these types of stories hit the press.  There are solutions….and the wireless carriers have to buy in though.

Microsoft's Device Manners Policy Patent Enforces "No-Talking Zones"

The sooner we can provide some “no talking zones” it would prove I believe to benefit all, and in this case it could have prohibited the employees from taking pictures.  BD 


An abuse citation issued against a Lexington nursing home has some people calling for restrictions on employee cell phone use at such facilities.

According to the Herald Leader, the Inspector General's Office has been asked to investigate the Bluegrass Care and Rehabilitation Center after reports staff members used cell phone cameras to take pictures of the residents and attach sexually explicit lyrics to those photos.

Those pictures were then sent to other employees.

Kentucky doesn't have a law regarding employee cell phone usage... so any action would be voluntary.

Cell Phone Restrictions Wanted For Nursing Home Employees

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