The system can co-exist without interrupting other Wi-Fi services, so it appears that “dead zones” would not be an issue.  They also have devices imagethat can be worn and sterilized too.  One the device is plugged in, ensuring you have a live plug too, it immediately becomes a node.  RFID technology is good for keeping track of those 13k stents.  BD  

Awarepoint’s Active RFID technologies and real-time location systems (RTLSs) include its real-time awareness platform, firmware, RFID tags, sensors, and bridges.

Awarepoint’s technologies collect raw sensor data and transform that data into high-value positioning information that can be used to add location awareness to a variety of healthcare and business applications.

Awarepoint Real-time Awareness Solutions are used to map, monitor and measure the status and location of high-value assets, and to provide critical data needed to improve workflows and processes associated with these assets.

Our patented asset and location tracking technology is a proven solution to improve hospital process management. For hospital administrators, Awarepoint’s rapid-impact implementation and fully managed service model supports healthcare business processes, reduces costs and increases revenue, while requiring no maintenance upkeep of hardware or software.


With Awarepoint, hospitals now have effective tools to improve patient safety, patient flow and operational efficiency while preventing theft, reducing equipment rental costs and increasing equipment utilization.

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  1. It's an easy to install system, but relies on signal strength for positioning. That may be good enough for clinical purposes.


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