One more story about employer insurance coverage for small companies -  the government’s own Small business Administration says Healthcare is the number one enemy, so why do we continue to tie insurance and healthcare to employers?  Is this not an important consideration?

Healthcare Is the Number-One Enemy of Small Business – US Small Business Administration

Patient access is starting to suffer.  BD 

Sheryl Weldon, owner of Commerce Welding & Manufacturing Co., saw health-insurance payments increase to more than $800 monthly per employee from about $200 five years ago. With monthly revenue down 10% since December, Ms. Weldon stopped providing health coverage to employees, including one being treated for prostate cancer, for the first time in the 64-year-history of the Dallas sheet-metal company.

Ms. Weldon and several of her 14 employees are going uninsured and the third-generation business owner is struggling with the emotional toll of the decision.

Many of the employees losing insurance are priced out of private plans. Mr. Ceru says the cost for a family on an private plan can exceed $20,000 a year.

Amid Slump, Small Businesses Consider Cutting Medical Coverage -

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