imageThe organizers were none other than Bill Gates and Warren Buffett for the event.  There have been meetings all over the US of late, everyone striving to find a better future and better world.  As the article states, Mr. Gates was the most impressive, (he’s the one with the technology and brains that runs everything else) and Oprah was listening.  All have contributed millions of dollars to philanthropy and of course want to see all those efforts succeed.  Ted Turner was slated as being the most vocal.  This was a pretty big collection of millionaires to say the least, but perhaps a great meeting of the minds. 

The meeting took place on May 5th at Rockefeller University in New York.  Rockefeller declined to speak about the meeting as far as adding any subject material and said he has frequent meetings with friends.  Both Bill Gates and Oprah have been staunch leaders in promoting education, as healthcare and all other issues stem right back down to the one basic item that needs to be addressed. 

One of my favorite videos of Warren Buffet I have posted here is:  Beware of Geeks Bearing Formulas  How does he know this, hanging out with Bill Gates will offer a lot of knowledge perhaps.  Bill Gates has spent numerous occasions addressing our Congress, and they too need education, as some members still don’t even use a computer or use it very little and all the economic and other imagedecisions made today are based on “Business Intelligence” so there’s a lot of room there for growth too, as how can they make intelligent decisions without some basic skills, you can’t rely on your staff to do “everything’ for you. 

Unfortunately the world is full of “old dogs who won’t learn new tricks”. 

Also, one of the Gates Foundation recent efforts to help educate includes the agreement with Viacom.  If we can’t get folks to read, the foundation is “paying” for educational spots and encouraging television shows to include health related educational topics.  Most foundations have to wait until time given for this purpose, but they are paying for it, big difference in putting the effort forward and being pro-active to help reach the couch potatoes of the US.

Oprah has done some wonderful efforts too with healthcare education, as in sponsoring a new show for Dr. Oz who brings us all kinds of knowledge with healthcare, and one of my favorites was the portion done on “regenerative medicine”.  With regenerative Medicine, I have been fortunate enough to post some interviews with companies like Cook Medical, one of the companies creating some of the new healthcare technology and products.  In writing this blog I find out about a lot of treatment plans, science, life sciences, genomic breakthroughs that the average person is not aware of, things we think are Sci-Fi, but they are not, they are here today.  When I speak to friends and others about what is out there and what is possible, I see a lot of “dropped jaws”, and again these are mostly people who are busy and on the whole may not do a lot of reading. That is part of the purpose of this blog too, to bring a conduit together to at least offer an area where to at least keep up on some of what is happening and if you don’t find it here, there’s a ton of links to other bloggers and references on the site.  image

I hope we hear more about what transpired and hopefully some of their efforts will help in the education process for all and on the other hand create some real solutions for getting rid of “Magpie Healthcare”.  BD

The secret is out on a clandestine billionaires' summit held in Manhattan earlier this month, when some of the wealthiest Americans met behind closed doors to plot strategies for weathering the economic downturn and coordinating their global philanthropic efforts. 

Bill Gates and Warren Buffett organized the hush-hush huddle held in a Rockefeller University conference room on the Upper East Side with Mayor Bloomberg, George Soros, Oprah Winfrey, Eli Broad, Ted Turner, David Rockefeller Sr. and David Rockefeller Jr., among others. 

Topic No. 1 during the May 5 conclave was which of the moguls' favorite causes -- such as disease control or government reform -- needed extra help during the downturn. They also sought ways to encourage the common man to keep making small-change donations, an aide to one participant said., which first reported on the powwow, said Gates and Buffett also solicited views on how the group should respond to the global economic climate.

In all, the attendees have donated a collective $70 billion since 1996, according to the Chronicle of Philanthropy.

In their letter of invitation, Gates, Buffett and Rockefeller cited the worldwide recession and the urgent need to plan for the future. They said they wanted to hear the views of a broad range of key leaders in the financial and philanthropic fields.


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  1. 5.20.09
    The NBC pundits are dead wrong again. This is not the bottom of the recession. Its not the beginning of a true recovery. Its only a brief period of optimism or the beginning of that short and shallow revival. There will be some positive signs over the next year or so amoung the negative. But they will not lead to a true recovery. Our leaders may claim to end the recession in 2010. If that claim is made, it will be based only on that short and shallow (printed) revival. It absolutely will not last. I stand by my predictions made earlier this year. Obama's efforts are revolutionary but they are too little too late. He will have no choice but to acknowledge a severe US depression by the end of his first term or shortly thereafter. Every major economy in the world will be in depression by 2015.

    The NBC pundits (Chatzky and Wong) are bound and determined (paid) to plug their coorporate sponsors and perpetuate the 'multiple credit card' lifestyle. Their claim is that you need more than one to build reasonable credit, finance a home, and be relatively secure financially. THAT IS ANOTHER FLAT-OUT LIE. The industry is simply too corrupt and predatory to deal with. It has been for at least 20 years. The use of 'multiple credit cards' is simply too risky, addictive, complicated (check that fine print), and ultimately expensive. In the vast, overwhelming majority of cases, the 'multiple credit card' user has ended up further in debt year after year after year. Their credit was built to some extent on a temporary basis and their ability to repay loans was diminished gradually right along with their bottom line. They ended up paying as much or more in finance charges as they did on principal. That is OBSCENE. Now, their net worth is way down. Their ability to get out of debt f#$&@#. That 'credit' didn't get them anything but F#$#@#. Still, those NBC pundits (liars) have the nerve to perpetuate that 'multiple credit card' lifestyle as if it were ever legit or necessary to begin with. It wasn't. Until two years ago, one could have built reasonable credit with a stable income, a checking account, a savings account, one secured credit card, one loan for a used car, one loan for a new car, and a reasonable downpayment. Until recently, that was enough credit to get a first home loan. Now, the economic boom is OVER. The majority are F#$&@#. Its only going to get worse. A LOT WORSE. The window for ordinary (decent) people to stake their rightful claim is closing fast. They better get out of debt soon and well prepared for the comming US/global depression. It will be catastrophic. Under these circumstances, it is downright reckless and irresponsible to promote more use of credit cards. Only a calculated PIG with an ulterior motive would have the nerve. The 'multiple credit card' lifestyle wasn't the only cause of this economic crisis but it was a contributing factor. Another vehicle amoung many to transfer wealth from poor to rich. Which again, is the single greatest underlying cause. IT WILL BE OUR DOWNFALL.

  2. Read your Bible, all good things must come to an end sooner or later. We have had it good in this country but we have spit in the face of the
    very being who gave it to us. Undermine what I say but he is listening and waiting for us to give up the filth of the day and ask for forgiveness and clean up our act before he turns his face all the way against us. I listen to the millionaires talking give,give bit who have they helped. I my self will be living on the street because of "late charges".
    How can a landlord charge a senior on a fixed
    income more money just because he was late '2'
    days? This is the reason all the bad stuff is
    happening. He will take it all away shortly.

  3. You do not have to post this comment. I am a senior citizen trying to keep from becomeing
    homeless. I hear about how all these millionaires are giving away millions and billions of dollars and all I need to keep from becoming homeless is $942.85. They will never know what I am feeling right now. They will never know poverty. If they would just take a look around in this country the would find some fine people who could use just a little help. All that money could help the whole country. Tell them that charity begins at home.


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