I had the pleasure to speak with the guys over at e-Zassi recently. Bringing a medical device to market is very costly and time intensive process to properly vet. The e-Zassi team has a lot of experience bringing medical devices to market and they thought there must be a better way. So, these guys decided to assist fellow innovators and bring efficiency to the $40+ billon business of medical technology innovation.

If you are a device manufacturer looking to collaborate, this could be the place to cut the search time down for prospective partners, or if you are a software vendor looking to collaborate with a device company the same would hold true. Anyone who reads this blog often enough knows there’s plenty of software and device information floating around.

The company is led by CEO Peter Von Dyck, who has about 30 patents to his credit. His vision was a platform that would bring together the latest trends in business intelligence software, Web 2.0 tools, online business networks and B2B communities. The result, after a lot of hard work, is e-Zassi.


I recently sat down with the management team and viewed the system, and came away very impressed with what they had built. The solution brings together every industry sector in an online environment where innovators, academia, investors, doctors, lawyers can share and collaborate on new ideas and most importantly protect their intellectual property while doing so.

When logged on I tried some sample searching projects and the potential partner listing worked quickly. Again, this can save a lot of time versus doing a general browser search and the information is mined for you with your specified targets.

The Innovation Assessment Software especially caught my attention. It lets users calculate the essential clinical and regulatory costs of new technologies that are important when attracting grants, research and development capital -- and in developing strong IP protection. In a process that takes no more than an hour, this data is delivered in a 30 – 40 page InnoVIsion Report. Here is a snapshot of the report:


According to the e-Zassi, the data contained in this report, if generated manually, would cost more than $25,000, require the services of a consultant and take weeks to generate. Once generated, the user can choose either to share the report with other members of the community, or can use the software to manage and triage an inventory of new technologies.

I can see how this is a huge improvement in time and cost efficiencies for venture groups, tech transfer offices and medical device companies.

To see an actual report, click here.

The company has also built an exclusive community ONLY for participants in the global device community and provides an enhanced means to search and identify fellow members for collaboration.

The company has just announced a new promotion to build awareness in the software. For a limited time, software trials can be purchased for $99, along with a three month membership in the community.


I have worked with e-Zassi to develop a special Promotional Code just for readers of the The Medical Quack that can be used to get the $99 software trial at no cost. To take advantage of this special offer simply input the

Promotion Code: MedicalQuack, when prompted on the Registration page.

Please take time to visit the site; I think that you’ll be impressed and view the video for a quick summary of how it all works.



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