Yesterday I posted about the American Cancer Society Circle of Sharing Tool and had a reader post the comment below, which I think is well worth imagetaking a look at.  There are multitudes of social networks on the web where patients can and are encouraged to share their medical information, information on how they are battling cancer and other diseases, etc. and I warn all to be careful where you post this information or use an alias.  There are others out on the web who mine this information daily on an automated query process, so be careful by all means so you are not putting something out there that could work against you later, we have all heard the stories of people finding information about you on My Space, potential employers check it all the time.

My words of wisdom on this with social networks:  “what goes on the internet, stays on the internet”.  Even if you remove something you posted, it


only takes a second for someone else to read, cache it, and repost. 

American Cancer Society Circle of Sharing Tool Unveiled – Microsoft HealthVault

The collaboration with HealthVault appears to be the “private” solution for this issue in the fact that “you” control who and where you share your information, and you can stop sharing it at any time.  As we are all entangled with information overflow, this will help you possibly keep a handle on who gets to see your personal information that you believe might offer value to someone else in the same or similar plight. 

On a related note, one of the HealthVault Partners is also working with Microsoft to create a direct to clinical application, in other words to enable importing information from HealthVault to perhaps an EMR or EHR that might be a tool for software companies in that business to investigate. 

The comment below is from a reader who uses HealthVault and wished it had been around a few years ago when a member of their family was fighting cancer.  In the next few days the ASCO convention will have more additional news released on with the war against cancer too, so be on the lookout.  BD 

“This is so outstanding! I wish it had been around while we were helping my father with his cancer fight. This is good for the patient, as well as for the patient's family and friends. Circle of Sharing is sure to help so many patients and their families. I use MS HealthVault for myself and my family, and this is just another reason why I am happy with my decision. Kudos to the group that developed Circle of Sharing. I have to go share the news with some friends who are currently dealing with cancer.”

The Medical Quack: American Cancer Society Circle of Sharing Tool Unveiled – Microsoft HealthVault


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