I found a video showing how the system is being used in Swedenimage as it has some detail here with a doctor actually using the system based on an application he built with the QlikView software platform.  As the full article relates this is already in place with a couple hospitals in the US so there’s been some actual installations to give us some real time references. 

The company also offers a “free” personal version and I registered and downloaded it and will see what it does with helping me with some of my blog reporting so for now without having spent any time with it yet, I can’t add much but will put it on my agenda for later. 

Use In Hospital in Sweden

In addition here’s another walk through video that shows more of the technical side with the actual dashboard.  This one may not be as exciting unless one is a clinician or an analyst to see how this actually works with the dashboard.  This video gives more of a “clinic” view with looking at a group of patients.  If you look at it though it makes sense on how the billing end of this can be quickly visualized. 

QlikView for Healthcare

Additionally Epic and QlikTech will also be sharing best practices and compiling information on how the product is being used for improved analytics.  With in memory capabilities speed should be quick with presenting results. For readmissions, there’s a great demo page here where you can click around and see how it works.   BD 

QlikTech and Epic announced this week that the companies have developed an electronic medical records (EMR) technology agreement. The agreement integrates certain aspects of both companies’ software, as well as improves support for healthcare organizations that use both solutions.

QlikTech is the provider of QlikView, a business discovery platform for user-driven business intelligence (BI) that is achieved by creating visual relationships across multiple, complex data sources. Epic makes software that provides clinical, access and revenue functions for mid-size and large medical groups, hospitals and integrated healthcare organizations.

The agreement allows Epic to use the QlikView Business Discovery platform within the company’s Hyperspace application, including the ability to launch activities from QlikView such as a patient's chart or billing account. The agreement also outlines improved technical support for common clients.

Additionally, the companies will create a shared customer community to exchange best practices and hands on knowledge of innovative ways to use both technologies. The companies stated that content shared between customers helps the community to improve time to value for new and existing analytics initiatives.

The companies already have joint customers, such as ThedaCare, the largest healthcare provider and employer in Northeast Wisconsin, and Nemours, an internationally recognized children's health system, which are already benefiting from QlikTech's partnership with Epic.



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