I looked at the agenda and for sure Dr. Hamburg is the high note of everything else I saw on the agenda listings and sad that her lecture, again probably the one with the absolute most impact is the last on the agenda.  There may be reason for this too as this keeps everyone from thinking about leaving early and ensuring the exposure to the other “fragmented” focuses that are taking place as well.image  When I mentioned “Expert Paradigm” in the title, it is indeed a dated paradigm as just complexities we live with today make it difficult to keep the antiquated perception alive, but marketing will fill in there every time:)  A couple years ago there was a very good presentation at one of the TED conferences on this topic and it’s a video well worth watching and will make you think a little bit.  It did that for me and today I have a whole new outlook on what I call an “expert” and they are still out there, but just not in the formats they are marketed sometimes. 

Relying on Experts When They May Not Exist–Many Intelligent and Smart People But Do We Have Misconceived Paradigms-TED

Dr. Hamburg is the most influential speaker to appear and largely because of the recent FDA policy on mobile health.  The rest is just marketing for the most part.  The FDA crosses into many areas and is one of the top consumer agencies that actually does things for us versus just writing policy and they do some of that too.  Not too long ago I made a post about the ONC and the FDA joining forces and to me it makes sense to allow two different focuses, one from the ONC and the other from the safety stand point of the FDA to put these two together officially as they will be collaborating anyway.

mHealth Why Battle Over Where the Responsibility Lies, Make the ONC A Division of the FDA, Better Collaboration and Software Engineering Exposure Both Ways Around

The ONC has a tough future too with complexities and the growing fragmentation out there which is sometimes mistaken for “innovation”.  Granted there is a place for innovation but it is lacking with collaboration.  You know what, I said that a three years ago and not a lot has changed and collaboration only seems to appear when there’s money to be made.  In looking at the conference schedule seems there’s a lot of marketing going on. 

Innovation Without Collaboration Is Fouling Up The US Healthcare IT System–We Need Both As We Can’t Stand on Innovation Alone

Dr. Halamka pretty well summed up the fragmentation this week in a post he made called “Advice to the Next National Coordinator”…in which he traced the origins to where we are now…and probably the most profound statement to bring the reality of the complexities and fragmentation we are dealing with today was this statement:

“I did not include parting the Red Sea, so maybe there is a mere human who could do this.”

What he is saying is referencing the big complex plate that sits in front of the ONC with where they are today and what avenues to explore to be effective.  It seems the focus on standards is being lost along the lines here as making money is taking a toll.  The FDA has their Sentinel Imitative for an example and yet we have subsidiaries of insurance companies that figured out they could make a buck instead of “donating” all the data they said they would years ago.

To me anyway the conference doesn’t seem to resemble a lot from what it was 2 or 3 years ago by any means as technology has moved forward.  I see a lecture on wearables and sure that’s moving target and implementation will have a lot to do there as we decide what devices can help us and how much time as consumers we will decide to dedicate to the information provided as well as looking at the “data selling” elements that most of the devices have.  This is a big on as we do have a “data selling epidemic” in the US and it’s now effecting economic conditions as the balance of intangible products versus tangibles continues to grow and too many out there want to make their money just “flipping algorithms”…but I can’t eat one of those for breakfast or use one like a pill if I need a prescription to hear from an infection or disease

10 Biggest Mobile Health Investments This Year Appear to Have Business Plans With Profits Contingent on Selling Data for Profit And VCs Seem To Like Funding Models As Such, Look At The Numbers…

Of course what we all worry about is data used out of context and we have seen it already and with the growing amount of data and as the Query Masters look for additional value, there’s a very good chance that this will come across your path one day.  I can write a query with matching data and take it out of context and create a perception that may not be accurate but would prove to make money and it’s done all the time anymore and the problem is sorting out the good from the “profit making junk” that lives out there. 

Big Data/Analytics If Used Out of Context and Without True Values Stand To Be A Huge Discriminatory Practice Against Consumers–More Honest Data Scientists Needed to Formulate Accuracy/Value To Keep Algo Duping For Profit Out of the Game

What we end up with is modeling for inequality with over use of segmentation and use of data out of context if we are not careful.  So when you see all these reports be a skeptic if you think something doesn’t sound right as it’s the wild west out there with anyone putting on a marketing hat and tell you “you need this” or “this is good for you”…lines get gray sometimes with steroid marketing.  This was highlighted at Penn State recently with their portal from WebMD the dollar signs to sell data pushed the school to want to fine all participants a $100 a month, which has since been rescinded. 

I looked at the videos from last year on the lectures, not anything I have not seen in other places on the web?  So again in looking at the agenda and what it has morphed into in 5 years, it’s certainly not where it started by all means.  Sure there’s the interactions among vendors that always takes place at conferences like this and that may be the real value here, for the vendors and sponsors, you think?  I have attended my share of conventions over the years and that’s what I found in my 25 years of sales and what I came away with most of the time. 

Here’s a couple archived posts on Dr. Hamburg…well worth a listen as it gives you a good idea on where her focus is…unlike most of the commercial efforts at the conference as she’s a doctor first and reminds all to not lose the “humanism” in medicine.   BD

FDA Commissioner Margaret Hamburg Delivers Commencement Address at Albert Einstein College of Medicine–Video
Margaret Hamburg: The FDA Agency Is a “True Bargain” for American Taxpayers

WASHINGTON, Oct. 8, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- The mHealth Summit today announced U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Commissioner Margaret Hamburg will deliver the opening keynote on the fourth day of this year's event on Wednesday, December 11.  The 5th Annual Summit, the largest global conference and expo focused on the intersection of mobile/wireless and healthcare delivery, will include key policy discussions on the mobile health ecosystem and the future of innovation.

Dr. Hamburg's keynote comes as the mobile technology community – including developers, innovators, investors and providers as well as other stakeholders and policymakers – looks to gain insights and a better understanding of the critical pathways and implications of the recently issued FDA Guidance on Mobile Health apps.

The 2013 mHealth Summit will focus on technology and policy through its four day conference program, town hall meetings hosted by the ONC, FDA and FCC as well as the expo floor hosting nearly 300 companies. The ONC town hall meeting will focus on developments in consumer engagement including consumer eHealth strategy and the Blue Button Initiative. Other strategic sessions hosted by the Application Developer Alliance will explore the impact of increased regulation on mHealth as it relates to innovation.



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