I’m using a political video here as it does contain some good points but in my post I’m going to try and separate reality of complex data systems and the politics.  Some like to believe in magic and some do math, I prefer the latter as it’s not just a “perception” it is the reality of what is happening today all around us and the “bliss” or inability of our lawmakers all over the place, going beyond Congress to grasp. First of all we had the story about consumers getting their policies cancelled, well insurers have been doing this for years, happened to me years ago before Obama was President as insurers do have complex math formulas and they end and create new policies all the time.  The new ACA law had certain requirements to be met to avoid having more “under insured” types of consumer policies issued and that’s the rub. You can read more at the link below.

Provisions of Affordable Care (Complexities) Act to Help Eliminate “Under-Insuring” Ends Up With Insurance Companies Cancelling Many Policies, Most Offering Replacements And Conversions and Some Not, What’s Next…

Remember insurers are creating the new policy amounts given out based on their risk assessment algorithms and not the government so if you have one that blows the premium prices out of the water, get on the phone and talk with your insurer to find out why.  Their calculations are intense and detailed so ask them why.  Maybe they ran a mortality assessment like the MIB and Hooper Holmes provide to insurers?  Maybe it’s where you live having an impact but yes do ask questions as insurers make mistakes too, like being able to send letters out with keeping it straight on what doctors are in and out of network, been a few examples of those mistakes to where the insurer said “never mind” when the mail letter algorithm went into action.  Read more here on that topic.

I know the next place to look are insurance exchanges for quotes and I don’t have to repeat the many stories on this now but pick up the phone there and search out the alternative methods of getting quotes, which by the way I said on 9-11 were probably going to be the best route to go.  When I heard the report from contractors, not hard to figure out coupled with the last minute contingency contracts awarded in June.  If the confidence was there in June for the website, those additional contracts would have have been granted.  I’m not a super brain at all but I use logic and connect dots and have a good understanding of Health IT having been a former programmer, so not much different than having a mechanic that understands all about your car, same thing. 

ISSA Subpoena for HHS Obamacare Documents

Congress also needs to fix the sequester as I don’t think they realize the hardship this is putting on hospitals right now, so much to the point that they are ready to go to court, money is getting squeezed and this makes it even worse when you are sick and just trying to get care.  As I said in February of 2009 we needed a secretary of HHS that had “some” tech as right now exactly what I said is sadly playing out as she’s no contest for the extreme math models used by complex business intelligence math models of the insurers.  As predicted, she’s been duped and duped again.  If you want to understand how math models and quants figure into the profitability of banks and insurance companies and see how the Algo Duping occurs, watch the videos at the Algo Duping page and cross over to the “math” perceptions and realities and dump the “magic” perception that does not exist, except in the news for sensationalism to get hits on the news websites.  I’m not here to win any popularity contest, just telling you it is what it is.  You can also scroll down to the footer here and watch a few of the videos also at the Algo Duping page.  A lot o folks have been finding their way over there. 

You know what the cold hard reality here is, banks and insurance companies have morphed into big software companies…don’t believe me, listen to B of A, IT is the business.   On a rare occasion I agree with the banker’s assessments on that one, read below.  We are under the Attack of the Killer Algorithms

Banks Are Actually Just Software Companies and the Same Can Pretty Much Be Said for Health Insurance Companies As Well-5 Unspoken Reasons Tech Projects Fail

At the end of the video Congressman Issa is asking why all the secrecy with QSSI and there’s been ton of conversation with that company and how United bought it two weeks after HHS award.  Issa is now saying they won’t even cooperate as all the other technology companies were and keep in mind they are now head of the project.  imageI had my own questions here as far as timing and the fact that both Oracle and Microsoft had turnkey software state exchange platforms built, I know as I blogged them in 2011 when announced and never a word mentioned about either. 

So my question was QSSI (subsidiary of United Healthcare)  who is domiciled in India on the United Healthcare SEC filings page, writing code from the bottom up?  Of course that costs more money and require a lot more time too.  At the link to the blog post below I included a link to the 15 pages of subsidiary companies United has, take a look.  I have been doing this with insurers for about the last 4 years so people know where their dollars really go and sometime people make different choices if they know big corporate conglomerates are the end ones to profit. 

India Technology To Fix US Healthcare.Gov Website Now And Has Assumed The Lead Project Manager and Integrator Role, QSSI Listed As Indian Domiciled With United Healthcare SEC Filings

All during the time the “federal hub” was being built, you could find tons of articles besides me asking why all the big secrecy with QSSI…companies when they go into a big project normally put out press releases talking about what they are doing and with who, but we didn’t get that all here.  If you go back in time with United to 2007 I think it still stands as the biggest derivatives court case settlement in history. 

Issa continues on that QSSI would not even answer simple questions about people that work for them and he states he believes he should have the information he needs to investigate soon.  BD



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