If you read the news of late, Mexico has been stated as raising to the number one spot with obesity ahead of the United States.  Along with obesity comes diabetes and wanting to further genetic research and this was one example he used to explain why he was donating the money.  He also stated that genetic research needs to be universal as well.  His fortune came from the telecommunications industry.  If you are not familiar with the Broad Institute the link below will give you a good idea as to what goes on there.  Math models and algorithms are right on the top of the list with research for sure.  Nice video with Dr. Lander who is referenced in this article.  He runs the place. 

Dr. Eric Lander Director of the Broad Institute–There’s Power in Those Numbers And Algorithms For Cures and More–Video

Of course like anyone would do representing their country he wants to ensure that Mexico is also in line to benefit, especially with studying the genes of Mexican and Latino people with diabetes type two as the number affected is disproportionate.  BD

CAMBRIDGE — Mexican billionaire and philanthropist Carlos Slim Helú visited the Broad Institute on Monday afternoon to announce a $74 million gift to the genomics center that will advance biomedical research that benefits people in Latin America.

The money is aimed at helping to correct a bias in genomic studies of human disease, which often analyze DNA taken from people of European descent. That approach may overlook important genetic causes of disease in non-European populations — and could one day result in people at the highest risk of a disease not getting the best treatments.

“I try to support this kind of project — that is for the interest of everyone in the world, but with some focus in Mexico and Latin America,” Slim said in an interview at the Broad. He said the largest share of his philanthropy is in Mexico and Latin America, and this contribution to a Boston-area institution is in keeping with that mission because he hopes the investment will spark progress in human health more universally.



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