Ok you answer some questions, software does a risk assessment and then calculates imagethe day you hit the bucket and a bargain for $39.00 and better yet it’s being crowd funded.  Ok this where the wheel hit the road and we have some folk spending way too much time with queries and algorithms…their marketing is to make you aware of how precious life is and to take better care of yourself, but sorry guys this is not my idea of how it would work.  I try to look for positives and this is to me anything but that, so go try again as you are stretching the value of some code and a device.  Besides every darn insurance carrier would want the data and have us wearing one so they could use the data for risk assessments as well. 

There’s  some information and data that is just not necessary this is one of them.  Oh the video to market this… and it would not make me happy (grin) as I have data to deal with.  I would like to know if the developers wear their own stuff too:)   I see that often enough to where many don’t even use their own products.  BD

For a more literal interpretation of this carpe diem theme, there’s Tikker, a watch that not only tells time, but counts down the years, months, days, hours, minutes and seconds until your death. Sure, it’s a morbid accessory, but like Herrick, Tikker’s creator wants to remind people to lead a more vibrant life.

“I think we can have a better life, and make better choices, if we are more aware of our upcoming expiration, Fredrik Colting told Mashable. “It gives us perspective — the little stuff suddenly doesn’t seem so important anymore. That’s why I see Tikker as a happiness watch.”

The watch comes with a questionnaire designed to help wearer’s estimate their remaining years. Once programmed, the liquid crystal display starts the count down. Launched as a now-funded Kickstarter campaign, the black and white time piece can be yours for $39.



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