I see a little of this but not enough in the news but rather more of a “witch” hunt if you will as that’s the paradigm that has lived and poisoned us for a long time, but with complex technologies, it just doesn’t work.  It’s time that the government and consumers get a clue here on how much money, time and effort went into probably the biggest data aggregating project ever attempted.  I kept saying that myself and yes it goes back to the lack digital literacy at the top at HHS with public blunders and perceptions there as well.  I’m surprised we don’t have a “Facebook app” out there for all of this too (grin) as that’s where HHS is duped and duped again with numbers, reports and stats as Gov can’t or won’t model.

Apps Aps Everywhere But Nobody Cares–Way Too Many Software Programs and Contests For Programs That Only Do “One Thing” In Healthcare

The difficulty here with having various technologies talk to each other is extreme.  I said myself “call it a Beta” and you will get a lot more sympathy out there and yet HHS for a long time kept touting how this was going to be a technological miracle.  Congress doesn’t get it either as to the time and skills and pressure the technologist everywhere are working under to make this work.  They need their own wellness portal so we can start doing some risk assessments on what we elected and tie in some pay for performance. 

Why pay for performance for Congress?  It’s the cat’s meow in healthcare with every doctor and support clinical person out there just tied to these numbers obliviously and so time to turn the tables here and see if the exaggerated numbers work in DC, you think? 

Congress Needs a “Wellness Portal” As Predictive Behavior Analytics And Behavior Modification Is Needed So Consumers Can Start Scoring Congressmen To Create Risk Assessments Along With Adding Pay for Performance Assessments Their Positions….

I’m waiting next for someone to come out with a “bright idea” to further dummy down consumers and make enrolling for insurance a game…(grin) you watch someone will think they can make some money with writing some code and draw folks in but consumers are getting wise and when you see gamification any more, a good rule of thumb here (and I’m not talking about games increasing your hand dexterity gamification) is to ask yourself, would you see someone like Ben Bernanke doing this?   I am just following the news with a lot of this and the human brain can still function like an algorithm and see the same patterns (grin). 

I do have to say Sebelius is coming around a bit now since the big public expo of ‘Hurry Up Health It” we heard a while back which pissed off tons of people in the tech business and all scratched their heads asking “doesn’t she get this”…inimage other words the time and money and I still see a lack in what’s in the news for seeing value with Health IT folks in what they do and the complexities we have today, a gilded perception. 

Speed Up Rate of Change in Health IT?–“Short Order Code Kitchen Burned Down a Few Years Ago and There Was No Fire Sale”..IT Infrastructure Chance and Revisions Takes a Lot of ”Code”, “Time” and “ Most Importantly Money”

Again appreciate your hard working technologists today in Health IT and understand the old days of writing code and creating something from where there was nothing before are gone.  This was evidenced here with accusing hospital and doctors of blanket cheating which also pissed everyone off with the need to even drag in Holder from the DOJ (lot of insecurity showing here with lack of Health IT knowledge and we had that too with DOJ Lanny with banks) …so maybe we have a learning curve taking place here now that reality is setting in.

HHS and DOJ Send Letters to Hospital Trade Associations Warning of Gaming Billing System Via Use of Electronic Medical Records–Hospitals Just Learned How to Bill Better & Hired Consultants–Case of Being Algo Duped With Numbers?

The exchanges are “Betas” and I said that a while back but contingencies are in place.  Look at the stock markets and their data issues..same stuff…complexities and who can write the “winning” code…when do you see Microsoft or Apple not put out a “Beta” before releasing an operating system.  Again I am saying here be a little more up front and data knowledgeable as to what’s really happening. Watch those 4 videos in the footer of this blog to learn more about how it really is with data so you understand the “Algo Duping” effect that is growing out there and why we live with “The Attacks of the Killer Algorithms”…

So give the “witch hunt” and political crap with exchanges a break and appreciate and say thanks for all of those who worked and will continue to work many long hours to get the entire process up to what we want.  They deserve the appreciation that “nerds” and “geeks” are almost never given.  Quants will tell you that and the second video in the footer is a real eye opener there. 

So in closing here is a video to watch from Robert Scoble that talks about this topic…  an this is from 2011…folks in technology with more than one focus see a lot of this stuff coming and yeah we scare people but if you have the stomach for reality…this is what it is…not “Green Eggs and Ham”…

Robert Scoble At TEDx–Coders Rule (Video) This Applies to Healthcare With Medical Records, Medical Devices, Drug Development Genomics and Intelligent Interpretations

Again keep in mind this video is 2 years old…see the wisdom that is there and shared by folks like Robert Scoble and others….code rules….and that’s what is making the Insurance Exchanges rock.  He did the same thing I did with taking on Chopra with not seeing the reality.    BD 


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