If you have not seen this one, here’s one more PHR and this one claims to be the only one approved by the ONC. When you read through it it sounds like we have a freestanding or a doctor prescribed PHR program here.  I do have to say their privacy statement is a little easier to read as it’s in a chart and yes they distribute your data and it can go directly to your insurance company, yuk!  So much for privacy:) 










Anymore I have been noticing the disclosure that basically says if our companyimage is bought, well it’s up to them what they do and you are SOL for the most part, it’s like cookie cutter statements anymore.  The system also talks about connecting to devices and has a picture of a watch on the site.  After reading this, what do you really own?  Give me a break. 

There’s one free version and the rest you have to pay for and the services include security email which I am guessing is using the “Direct” program from the government but don’t quote me for sure on that one, just a guess.  BD

In direct response to the ever growing debate and interoperability issues involving the exchange and, more importantly, the availability and transferability of patient medical health records from one care setting to another. Personal Health Records have been around for some time.

Some are stand-alone while others are integrated with commercially available EHR/EMR or HIS systems as may be deployed in hospitals, clinics and physicians practices. The problem has been and continues to be the inability of these legacy systems, and even newly developed medical records systems to communicate with other disparate systems. One could say that it is by design, from a stand-point that the health care industry is a very competitive environment. Limiting access and more importantly, mobility of a patient medical record to a competing health care system has been one method of keeping a captive and loyal patient base for large competing health care systems.

The My eMHR represents an EHR/EMR Class Personal Health Records solution. Designed to be owned and managed in part by the consumer/patient and supported by care providers throughout the country by way of the system's unique ability to communicate with disparate system. The My eMHR has the ability to communicate with every “Certified Medical Records” system in North America.



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