Update and correction 2-2-2014:

The real Jim Burton of Psyche Pharm. denies the link between him and James(Jim) Burton, the contractor who was arrested for a felony for computer trespass.  They are two different people.  The IT contractor never attended medical school and does not hold the credentials that Jim Burton from Psych Pharm.

This is one strange story as the CEO of Psyche Pharma sounds like he was also doing contracted work for C&C Consulting for the State of New York with software engineering.  I’m trying to get this straight but it sounds like he broke into his own company,image created a limited administrator account and changed passwords without authorization.  What makes this look odd is the fact that he may being the CEO, already had that authority under his own name as how else did he create a limited administrator account? 

So I guess this looked fishy here from the the New York Office of IT with running some audit trails on unusual activity.  So I guess there’s more to come on this one as it is strange activity from what has been presented here.  Well this shows that the State of New York audit trails were up and running and even if you own or are the CEO of a company, don’t do this.  BD

The head of a Cambridge, MA, peptide synthesis company faces a felony computer trespass charge following his arrest last week by New York State Police.

James Burton, 52, of Delmar, NY, was arrested Oct. 10 after police discovered that he used a limited administrator account to change other account passwords without authorization. Police said Burton was working for the New York State Office of Information Technology Services at its Albany offices on Swan Street, as a private contractor through a contract with C&C Consulting.

The limited administrator account was immediately disabled upon discovery of Burton's action, which was unauthorized. An investigation is continuing, police said.

According to New York state law, a person is guilty of computer trespass when he or she "knowingly uses, causes to be used, or accesses a computer, computer service, or computer network without authorization" and either does so with intent to commit, attempt to commit, or further the commission of any felony-;or simply knowingly gains access to computer material as a result of the unauthorized access.

Burton is listed on his LinkedIn page as CEO of Psyche Pharmaceuticals, a company specializing in the chemical synthesis of peptides and proteins by the excluded protecting group method. Many of Psyche's syntheses are carried out for for-profit companies, according to the company's website



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