Ok maybe it’s only me that would ask how much crap I would need to swallow and the size of the pill, but from reading the article below even choking down a big horse pill beats the alternative of the real transplant procedures.  Never a shortage of donors.image  Originally the FDA wanted a new drug filing done before proceeding with an actual transplant but then backed down and changed their minds. 

FDA Rules Physicians Now Must File An Investigational New Drug Application Before Proceeding With a Fecal Transplant For CDiff

Having a pill format certainly stands to help with standardization it seems.  #0- and #00- size capsules are the big ones.  BD 

SAN FRANCISCO -- Gel caps containing concentrated fecal microbes stopped recurrent Clostridium difficile infection and were well-tolerated by recipients, researchers reported here.

Among patients with more than three episodes of recurrent C. difficile infection who could not tolerate jejunal catheter or suffered anal incontinence, a single dose of an oral suspension of fecal microbes delivered through several dozen 0.47 mL gel capsules resolved all but one of the recurrent infections with no instances of vomiting after capsule ingestion, according to Thomas Louie, MD, of the University of Calgary in Alberta, Canada, and colleagues.

The capsules were assembled the day of the transplant. Feces donors provided roughly 100 grams of feces, which was suspended in 600 to 800 mL of saline, and was then centrifuged, decanted, and re-suspended to allow for micropipetting into 0.47 mL capsules, which were then each overcapsuled with #0- and #00-sized gelatin capsules.

Feces were collected from related donors mostly, and both donors and recipients were tested for bloodborne infections, parasites, and other invasive disease prior to transplant. The investigators did not use a stool bank or other forms of pooled feces in developing the pill-based treatment, Louie said at the conference.

He added that the "future is to know which bacteria are the kingpins of gut flora," with which healthcare professionals or possibly even pharmaceutical companies can "make true probiotic pills."



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