Well as I said fun doesn’t work when you “dummy”down patients and use gamification.  A couple years ago one of the officials at Homeland Security was complaining about that too in the fact that too many use that approach.  It’ funny being that I write about the gamification process I get solicited all the time for their conferences.

Partners Center for Connected Health Boston Spins Off Venture To Create “Fun” Algorithms and “Fun” Devices to Encourage Healthcare Participation

It’s a secret on who purchased their assets, like I said above they get a bunch of code and software, the platform the company was using.  Well so far those portals and all the fun stuff they offer are not doing much for patients and I might guess here too the the selling data aspect was not going well since they were more insurance focused at the end who can’t get enough data.  Here’s a archive article where I discussed how ridiculous the gamification of a couple insurers were with their websites…there to scrape data for sale.

Gamification–You Have Won and Now We Know All About You - It Didn’t Cost One Cent-Insurance Companies Have Games To Find Out More About You Too– “Attack of Killer Algorithms” Chapter 11

The dummy down process doesn’t work.  BD 

Boston-based Healthrageous, which spun out of Partners Healthcare’s Center for Connected Health in 2010, has closed up shop and sold off its assets. The once promising venture was based partially on the Center’s SmartBeat blood pressure management program, which the provider piloted with EMC employees a few years ago to prove its efficacy.

Healthrageous started out wholly focused on building a platform for employers but over time began to shift its focus to insurance companies. It also conducted pilots with pharmaceutical companies and pharma companies during its almost four years in operation.

Financial terms of the Healthrageous asset acquisition sale were not disclosed and — somewhat unusually — neither was the buyer. Healthrageous cofounder and interim CEO Mary Beth Chalk told MobiHealthNews that the “buyer was one of the country’s innovative healthcare companies.”



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