The interview was done in 2 parts.  The quality of the videosimage is not great here and Stewart starts out with the glitches.  She was also on the Rachel Maddow show tonight and heard a lot of the same.  There’s a lot of “accounts” created and people are shopping.  She says 6 out of 10 will get a policy for under $100 a month, so we have to wait to see on this as all the tax credits come in to play.  Stewart talks about business getting the break and consumers don’t. 

Part One

The second video gets a little more interesting.  Stewart says the insurance market is less than ideal as we are playing with “crazy town”…She hits the benefits for part time employees will be there.  What’s funny is she hits on paying a premium like a cable bill and says we all have cable…not me…I don’t watch enough TV.  Stewart again hits the Single Payer solution near the end and does a little walk…Sebelius says we are facing the end of the western civilization…what? 

The enrollment is a little “rockier” than what we want.  We know the answer to that one, the IT infrastructure planning and coding should have started a lot earlier than it did.  Overall the interview was fine, somewhat “canned” but ok.   We know this could not be “hurried up” as she wished a few months ago, but again that’s folks with no IT background handling all of this.   

Speed Up Rate of Change in Health IT?–“Short Order Code Kitchen Burned Down a Few Years Ago and There Was No Fire Sale”..IT Infrastructure Chance and Revisions Takes a Lot of ”Code”, “Time” and “ Most Importantly Money”
Part Two

If the exchanges don’t work, use the phone or wait a few weeks and try it again and hopefully we won’t need Facebook to help out on this:) 

HHS Seems To Be Confused on Social Networks–Facebook for Disaster Support Contest, Give Me a Break Use Twitter Like Everyone Else Does

MSNBC Maddow was a little kinder with their interview last night but again the same scripted presentation mostly.

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