This looks from the wording that it is both a clinical and a consumer platform as when you watch the video you do see some consumer mHealth devices. Not too long ago Verizon announced their Secure Messaging and email service for doctors and hospitals.  I know, it’s hard to keep it all straight at times:)  Verizon has received FDA approval for the software platform and is HIPAA compliant, what ever that is any more (grin). 

Verizon Becomes the Latest to Jump on the Secure Messaging and Email Service for Doctors and Hospitals With One More Choice

Like all the other big corporations out there they are also a member of the “code for cash” club to where they can get developers to write for their platforms as well.  We see this everywhere anymore and insurers, like United do it all over the place as the big corporations save money with starving developers writing some of their code for carrots. 

Verizon Latest to Enter “Code for Cash” Prize Format With $1 Million Top Pay Out for Writing Healthcare Apps That Use Their Platform, Is This the New “Corporate Business Model” To Yield Inexpensive Code?

We can’t have an article on such platforms without mentioning the data selling that goes on and SAP is anxious to get their hands on wireless data and re-query and repackage it and split the additional revenue with wireless carriers.  This is why we need to license and excise tax data sellers as we don’t know how many times our data or the profiles made about us are resold.  New tools for matching, anyone want to toss in a FacePrint?  Of course when data is flawed and full of errors, consumers are free labor for banks and companies as we are stuck doing it on our own dime as we get denied something along the line if we don’t.  SAP is also clearly aware of the basic privacy issue. In its release, it makes a point of referring to the data it would gather from wirelesss operators as "anonymized."

So Much Money and Profit in the Data Selling, Epidemic, SAP Now Coming in as a Middleman Broker to Interpret Data & Share Profits With Wireless Carriers- Banks/Companies Making Billions

Again the clinical portions of the platform have to be confidential and HIPAA compliant but the consumer side we don’t know enough about yet, but anything’s possible as with de-identified data we even have United Healthcare selling data from the Mayo Clinic today.  BD  

BASKING RIDGE, N.J. – Addressing yet another critical issue faced by the U.S. healthcare system, Verizon Enterprise Solutions today announced the immediate availability of Converged Health Management, a remote patient-monitoring medical platform designed to help clinicians and patients manage patients’ health in between doctor visits.

Verizon’s newest solution addresses the day-to-day communications gap that has historically existed between patients and clinicians. These gaps may contribute to patient health problems, decreased care compliance, increased emergency room visits and longer hospital stays.

The Converged Health Management solution enables patients to use biometric devices to take health information such as blood pressure, oxygen saturation levels, glucose levels and weight from home or on the go. Patient data is then automatically transmitted through a wireless connection to a secure server that resides in Verizon’s HIPAA-ready cloud for analysis and intervention by the patient’s clinician, including a reward system that incents patients to make healthier lifestyle choices. Patients can access this information and find personalized health-enhancing suggestions via the Converged Health Management smartphone app or Web portal.

Converged Health Management is available for purchase by U.S. health insurance companies, integrated delivery networks, hospitals, and large provider groups and self-funded employers that are looking for ways to monitor at-home care compliance, engage patients in healthier lifestyle choices and reduce hospital readmissions.


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