Here we go, more behavioral analytics when they look at what you buy so they can personalize it, but remember they sell that data too and prescription sales can be linked to the “ID” that does not contain your name.  Is there anyway to escape.  This is imagebig business profits with Walgreens making about a billion a year selling data.  Of course you can opt out, same old same old.  Here’s a video and you should read the comment on YouTube…here it is…and it is a good statement as consumers are getting tired of all the procedures to follow for each company, each website and so on…gee for a short minute there I thought I was talking about doctors and electronic medical records…same issues….time to license and quarterly tax the data sellers making billions out there on selling out data..that have little concern for accuracy or what it ends up creating for consumers when the data is flawed. 

“Fine. After watching the video several times I still don't have a freakin' CLUE as to how this is supposed to work. The information that the app asks for does not even match what your video shows, but I tried anyway--then it blows away everything I typed and starts over again at the stupid screen where you have to LOG IN. Sorry, ONE TIME logging in was enough!”

CVS Card on Phone…

Right now I am making it a point to when I go shopping to turn '”OFF” the GPS location finder and sometimes even the phone while I’m in the store.  I like peace and quiet when I shop.  In the other news former White House Czar who was the official architect of the Obamacare Healthcare reform now sits on the board and was given 562 shares of stock, nice deal when you can get it.  She has also returned to the realms of private equity as this article from August states.  When she had previously ran Medicare and left after the Clinton administration she sat on a lot of boards like this and racked in some major money before coming to work for the Obama Administration.  It’s an interesting article as she cashed in on the very same companies she made decisions about while at Medicare and five of the companies have settled fraud or product cases that involved tax dollars paid by Medicare. 

Nancy DeParle Returns to What She Knows, Private Equity-Technology Experience, Knowledge And Being In Touch With Reality Is What Government Needs Today

Again, back in 2009 I had my questions not only about Sebelius having enough business intelligence to run HHS also had a few questions along this line as well, as Cerner was one of the boards she sat on before returning to the White House.  Now with the website issues was she in on the design of the CMS group to administrate the entire project?  Berwick said he didn’t’ have a thing to do with it so I guess stay tuned as the story evolves.  You do have to say one thing she knows how to take a government position and roll it in to income and with this CVS board placement and stock, it looks like it might be the same pattern.  BD

Nancy-Ann DeParle and Kathleen Sebelius – Business Intelligence?

Loyalty cards seem to be everywhere in the retail industry these days. They help customers save money, obtain coupons and collect bonus points for future purchases.

They are also a source of big data that help companies improve their business by knowing as much about their customers as they can.


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