This makes sense since Epic is their medical records system for Partners  so everyone has the same basic technologies working here.  When we have discussions about the VA and their MUMPS system this is also something to keep in mind as a possible investment with InterSystems to license and embed could be on the agenda if they choose to go this way.   This is what also makes the conversation “interesting” if youimage will when you see Epic being chosen over the VA system…obviously there’s some additional technologies in there that could use work, but it comes back to the InterSystems technologies for the most part, same technologies.

InterSystems began in 1978 as a provider of technology in support of MUMPS, an operating system that also acted as an interpretive language runtime environment originally developed for use by the Massachusetts General Hospital.   You can find the listing on the InterSystems page here of most of their clients using Caché and other technologies. 

In 1997, InterSystems released Caché, a postrelational DBMS that used the M Technology storage engine but layered over it object-oriented services, an M Technology compatibility layer, and an ANSI standard SQL API. Since MUMPS and M Technology were originally used mainly by hospitals and healthcare IT service and software providers, the initial customer base for Caché was heavily oriented in the healthcare direction, although there was some interest from the financial community owing to its high performance.

In addition the company works with big data outside of healthcare as well and just this year the CEO and founder, Phillip Ragon  became a new billionaire on the Forbes list. 

Software Billionaire CEO of InterSystems Health IT in Framingham Massachusetts A Leader With Philanthropy And Where the VA Medical Records System Got It’s Start

Here’s a video that talks about some of what InterSystems does..the sleeper nobody hears about much but has been around for a long time.  The founder also sold his original technologies to GE Medical years ago.  In the video you get to hear about Kaiser and Tenet using InterSystems Applications. 

There’s one more video at the bottom of this post if you are involved in technology and if not, skip this one:) 

With the news a couple weeks ago with Oracle, I wonder how InterSystems Cache will compare with the new products announced by Larry Ellison.  In the meantime as you can see  InterSystems the “sleeper” that so many use as their embedded components or back end data base you never hear about.  BD

Partners HealthCare is once again looking across the Charles River to Cambridge, Mass.-based InterSystems, enlisting the company to replace several existing integration engines and enable the health system to consolidate its financial and clinical technologies onto one electronic health record platform.

Partners has long partnered with InterSystems, whose Caché database system powers its EHR system and hundreds of applications used by thousands of clinicians imagethroughout its network. Moreover, Partners' use of the InterSystems Ensemble rapid integration software has enabled smooth integration of its library of services and applications, officials say.

By working with Epic Systems, Partners' EHR vendor, Intersystems is helping Partners "fulfill its pledge to deliver the highest quality care that is safe, effective, accessible, and affordable," he said.

"By integrating both revenue cycle and clinical applications, we are benefitting our patients and care providers," said John Pappas, associate director of clinical Systems integration at Partners, in a statement. "When patients move through the Partners system, they will have a single, consolidated health record that follows them, and a single, coherent statement of all Partners services provided.",28,12


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