In July Serco in the US was given a contract from HHS to set up the warehousing operation to handle applications for Health insurance.  Their corporate offices are located in the UK and this is where the CEO is stepping down.  The link below tells about what they do as far as the company’s broad spectrum of services they provide. 

Obama Administration Doles Out Yet One More Contract to Help With Eligibility Infrastructure And to Operate One Massive Mail Room-With Insurance Exchanges - Serco The Biggest Company You Have Never Heard Of

The fraud investigation is due to be completed next month.  For now the US CEO has been appointed as acting CEO.  Individuals Serco was billingimage for monitoring (prisoners) was not being done as some of the individuals billed for and listed were dead…amazing when it comes to billing how with technology folks can still make money and keep one technically alive on the web and where ever data is sold and accumulated…flawed data for profit.  Actually back in 2011 I wrote about this as one of the Chapters of the Killer Algorithms..they didn’t kill anyone but produced profits from dead people in the case of Serco. BD 

Flawed Data–Mined by Corporations Online Provides Background Checks Riddled With Errors–Attack of the Killer Algorithms Part 7

Serco, the services company facing an investigation into its government contracts, has begun an urgent search for a new chief executive after Chris Hyman quit in a desperate attempt to rebuild the company's reputation.

After allegations that Serco overcharged the government for electronic tagging of offenders, the operator of hospitals, prisons and railways around the world needs to improve its relationship with the UK government, which provides 25% of its revenue.

Hyman, who is leaving after 20 years with the firm and 10 years as chief executive, said: "At this time, nothing is more important to me than rebuilding the relationship with our UK government customer. In recent weeks it has become clear to me that the best way for the company to move forward is for me to step back."

The UK and Europe division is to be split in two to focus on the "UK government customers" and the other on activities in the wider public sector. Three new non-executive directors are to be appointed along with a new general counsel. A board committee for corporate responsibility is also to be created.


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