Seems to be a sign of the times anymore, so remember all those news articles you have been reading about “complexities” well here they are and we are all living it now, so it’s gone beyond just being newsworthy to say the least.  California isimage wanting to know why the cost has gone up and why all the glitches in the in the software, so government again is now going through the same “love” that CIOs of hospitals have been experiencing for a while with IT complexities. 

The software here delayed benefits payment checks for hundreds of thousands in the state for weeks!  Now lawmakers want to know what’s going on, well folks we are back to complexities.  Consulting firms are known for talents of being able to integrate various technologies under a platform and make them all work together but with complexities today with all the code out there this is a daunting task by all means and Deloitte Consulting is right at the core on this one.  As you may or may not know Deloitte is one of the ACA contractors as well for the ACA.  Lets  look this up..thanks to the Sunlight Foundation here’s what their role is with the ACA…

“Multiple contracts dealing with ACA implementation, including support for IRS' project management office and evaluating HHS business processes and ACA implementation”  to the tune of almost $13 million. 

They have their fingers in the pot with the CMS and IRS integration it appears and exactly what they are doing, nobody knows.  Deloitte is also one of the big accounting firms that helps US Corporations with tax shelters, and as a matter of fact if you do not have one of the Big 4 accounting agencies it’s kind of spoken that it may not work as well.  You can read more about the Tax Free Ride at this link below as it’s important today to know what corporations are doing via subsidiaries.  Interesting is it not to see how some of the same corporations getting big government contracts are also helping US corporations avoid taxes in the US.  The big four have also been under scrutiny too on how they are taking over the regulators with their algorithmic formulas and math models, so some Algo Duping going on here.

“The Tax Free Tour” Documentary on How the Tax Havens Work, Who Runs and Owns Them, How Accountants Are Taking Over the Regulators And Not Held Accountable…

Other states are also having problems with Deloitte.  In reading the article, the problems began with migrating data…ouch, ouch, ouch…technologists used to do that all the time but not so today if you can avoid it as this is huge to clean up the data as when you move it there’s going to be something not work, no matter how many times you scrub the data.  Deloitte having same problems with disability payments and as mentioned in this article, you don’t jump out mid stream on these big projects as to start all over again…whew!  The cost and time is phenomenal. 

I wrote about the Oracle and Microsoft turnkey systems for state exchanges and wondered why they were not used since they had integration for insurance companies built in as well as the technologies to connect to the federal government, so here we have Deloitte with the IRS integration.  Would it not be much better to use a platform that has some of the code already written?  Why is HHS trying to build an exchange from the bottom up?  It would mean less money in the Deloitte pocket for one.  So did Deloitte write the code to connect to the IRS?  QSSI as we read is supposed to have charge of that portion of the entire program….so what is Deloitte doing with the Healthcare.Gov project?  Obviously the disability and unemployment benefit data come in to play with government subsidies with health insurance data too.  What’s even more interesting is that Deloitte comes out with “ranking” quality software companies and consultants…pot calling the kettle black here? 

If you look on the web you will see a ton of announcements where Optum Insights, the consulting and software subsidiary of Untied Healthcare hires a lot of people formerly with Deloitte and always ranks Optum high on varies studies Deloitte puts out.  BD

Deloitte LLP is one of America's big four accounting firms, and has evolved into a large player in management and information technology consulting. It's one of the big IT contractors involved in deploying the Affordable Care Act and provides tech services to the Internal Revenue Service.

In California, Deloitte has racked up more than $540 million in tech work over the last 10 years, making it the state's third-highest-paid IT contractor. Over the last two years, the company has spent more on lobbying legislators than any other competing firm in its field.

Less than a year ago, the EDD launched an upgrade to another program it operates: the state's disability insurance. Deloitte was the contractor hired for that $86-million upgrade intended to make it easier for those temporarily disabled or on maternity leave to file online claims.

But the software malfunctioned and delayed thousands of disability checks for weeks. It took six months to clear the backlog.

In the last contract amendment, signed Aug. 30, the state agreed to pay Deloitte $3.5 million for five months of maintenance and operations costs. Those costs should have been figured out in the beginning, Krigsman said.

"It's a striking oversight that maintenance was not anticipated at the beginning of the contract when the state was at a much stronger negotiation position," said Krigsman, a consultant with expertise in state IT contracts.

By the time the middle of a project is reached, the state has no choice but to stick with Deloitte to work out bugs that arise when the system goes live, he said.,0,3509141,full.story


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