This is a good discussion covering the use of our data and theimage professor talks about big data telling us about traffic jams ahead of time and just some basic patterns to watch for.  He also talks about the flu and how big data enables us the ability to see things and stop it. 

Looking at trending numbers can help find crime statistics.  Maintaining privacy is a a trick he says of “not giving away your data when you can help it” and you are the owner of your data and talks about “understandable” policies and not the long legal forms that we read today.  He talks about consumers being able to audit and I’ll add to that as we need  license to do the tracking to audit of all those who sell data.  He said we need to control the data so we don’t end up like 1984.  See the link below on how portals are being less effective due to the extreme data selling epidemic we have today.  Nice MIT is working on privacy as well.  BD  

Meaningful Use And Patient Portals–Advertising and Data Selling With 3rd Party Apps Software Impact Consumer Engagement and Furthermore Makes It More Confusing to the Patient-Non Data Selling Portal Services are Winning..

There’s a reason every government and corporation wants to hoard as much data on as many people as possible. Gather enough data, says Alex “Sandy” Pentland, director of Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Human Dynamics Laboratory, and you can achieve a “God’s-eye view of humanity”—which he’ll admit is a little scary.

But, as he argues in the October issue of Scientific American, it is also extraordinarily promising. Used correctly, he says, big data can perform miracles as diverse as preventing pandemics and getting the federal government to function again. In this video Pentland answers questions about big data and its role in society.


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