This is a professional product it appears but I could be wrong, the company Nonin has both and as we have learned with a few other products, a lot of the time the difference may be the software application or the physical branding of the product.  Back in 2008 I made a blog post about one of their first products, which was for the consumer.  It was the Onyx II and connects with HealthVault to hold your data. 

Pulse Oximeter Transmits Wirelessly

You can see another one of their products has either a prescription or non prescription version and the one with a prescription is ordered by the doctor to use to work with patients being treated for COPD, asthma and other diseases.  All the company prescription products have FDA approval. 













The company wireless products are all designed to meetimage Continua Version One Design Guidelines. 

You can buy one that is worn like a watch as well.  This one is interesting as well with a simple USB plug in to use whenever you want with your computer. 

And let’s not forget the dogs and cats, yes they have them for out pets as well and of courseimage this more what a veterinarian would be using.  BD

Nonin Medical, Inc., the inventor of finger pulse oximetry and a leader in noninvasive medical monitoring, has received the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) clearance for its Nonin Model 3230 Bluetooth Smart finger pulse oximeter for use in the United States. The highly imageaccurate and reliable Model 3230 is one of the first medical devices to incorporate Bluetooth Smart (low energy) wireless technology.

The Model 3230 features Nonin’s exclusive CorrectCheck technology, which provides feedback via a digital display if the patient's finger is not placed correctly in the device. CorrectCheck is helpful since improper finger placement may lead to incorrect readings.
Another innovative feature is SmartPoint capture, an algorithm developed by Nonin that automatically determines when a high quality measurement is ready to be wirelessly transmitted. This helps to ensure that each reading transmitted by the Model 3230 is accurate.


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