This was kind of an unexpected discovery for this as the patent


allows donor sperm and egg firms that would allow certain traits to be present.  It is being used now for diseases that are not wanted but in further us it could determine eye color, skin color and more.

23and Me states the patent it has no intention of using this for picking traits in children and it doesn’t have the actually technology itself…so we are talking about a “proof of concept” patent it sounds like but again with ethics on all of this where would you go beyond proof of concept? 

Now in clinics though they are able to choose donors that do not have certain diseases and it is not proven but clinics have been able to use this technique to balance a family, i.e. if they have a girl and want a boy, that selection could be done.   BD


A patent secured by California-based 23andMe gives the company the rights to match the genetic profile of would-be parents with donor sperm and eggs. WSJ's Gautam Naik explains.!D1487349-F009-463F-A562-D8ABDAA0F687


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