Paradigms are changing in healthcare, rapidly. Here’s one perfect example from a post that I had in October 2007, where the CEO of Aetna was calling Google Health and HealthVault “Vaporware” from an article in the Wall Street Journal. Well if you have followed this blog since that time, you know that they are not vaporware and now Aetna is proud to work with Microsoft Health Vault, reader further below.

Yes, Aetna still has their own personal health records, but now they interact with the HealthVault, so times are a changing, rapidly as a change of paradigms allowed for the value to come forth and at this point I’m sure they no longer consider the PHRs of Microsoft and Google Health Vaporware. All insurance claim information can be imported to the consumer’s Personal Health Record.

Just one reminder of the world of healthcare we live in today and how quickly algorithms, methodologies and technology is changing and why it is important to not only read, but join in and learn, take part, especially with consumer products that are for everyone. BD

From October 2007

For some reason, this doesn't surprise me...but again, the entire focus with Microsoft is as I interpret this...Healthcare..not dollars...and this is more than likely why it will see a very high approval will require a little reading and training by those choosing to participate to ensure you know how and when to share..and the site uses good strategic advertising to's totally a horse of a different color..BD

“There's all this hubbub about what Google and Microsoft are doing, Aetna CEO Ron Williams (pictured) said this afternoon on a visit to Health Blog HQ. Were perplexed by the fact that their vaporware gets all this attention and we get very little. He was talking about Aetna's rollout of its own personal health record a version of the same thing Microsoft launched this morning and Google's been working on for a while. Aetna launched its PHR earlier this year. Its now available to some 800,000 Aetna members and should be available to all 16 million by the end of next year, Williams said.”

Health Blog : Aetna CEO Calls Microsoft, Google Health 'Vaporware

From October 2008

Aetna and Microsoft join forces – Members will now be able to transfer health records to Microsoft Health Vault

One more partner for the Microsoft HealthVault, press release below. Contrary to all it seems to be the last couple days of posts, this is not a total PHR blog. There has been a lot of news in this area and I just wanted to make sure all were aware that other news will continue to be posted.

This connection with Aetna starts next month, so your insurance information will import in to the HealthVault. I am just taking a wild guess here but this could be the first with others considering following suit. By importing the information it will also allow the consumer to check their insurance records and reconcile any questionable items or errors, as they happen everywhere.

Again, the nice feature here is that if you leave Aetna, your records will still be in the HealthVault, thus as mentioned earlier we might see more insurers jump in. This is a one way option that goes to the HealthVault only from the Aetna PHR until sometime in 2009 when the consumer can choose to send the information back to the Aetna PHR files. See links below for additional related posts. BD


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