Additional information can be found on the website for the sold out event.  If you haven’t taken in the website, I highly recommend taking a look to see what is happening.  In addition to the conference, there are new videos, interviews, etc. from time to time speaking not only about healthcare, but a myriad of many other topics, things an ideas that can make a difference.  This certainly is something I would have liked to have been able to attend since it is in my back yard in Long Beach, California this year.


Many of the videos are also published on You Tube and below I have included one done by Biochemist Joe DeRisi who is talking  about amazing new ways to diagnose viruses with DNA and genomics.  I consider this one to watch as he uses a bit of humor and gives you some hints on how you can et up your own DNA arrays and processing unit in your garage at home, that is if you were so inclined, but for the rest of us, watching and learning from the video will be quite sufficient. 


Joe DeRisi discusses a patient who comes in to the ER room what the diagnosis process is and how the hospital team turns to the DNA Genomics group to help diagnose the disease after a series of failed or non responsive treatments.  In addition, he continues to explain how folks can be predisposed to prostate cancer and explains the gene the RNASEL and how it may or may not relate to virus activity and with those who develop prostate cancer.  In other words he does a real good job on explaining how some information obtained, leads to many more questions and areas of new research to begin, based on the results.  This is probably one of the reasons so many (especially investors) get frustrated with scientific results, as we may get some answers, but science opens up many new doors in the process, thus creates more areas of work and investigation before a solid conclusion can in fact be reached.  BD

Bill Gates and Tim Berners-Lee headline a star-studded group of speakers announced Monday for this year's TED conference, the annual and exclusive thinkfest that has long been the place to be and be seen for Bay Area tech types.

Bay Area writer Mary Roach ("Stiff," "Spook," "Bonk") will also be speaking, along with neurologist Oliver Sacks, famed for his book "Awakenings," which led to the 1990 film of the same name.  The Technology, Entertainment, Design conference, coming up Feb. 3 through 7, will be held in Long Beach for the first time in its 25-year history. To date, the cozy confines of Monterey were always home for TEDsters, but the show got too big for that city's conference facilities.

Hunting the next Killer Virus with DNA

Bill Gates, Tim Berners-Lee to headline TED


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