It appears many had to wait weeks to get paid, according to the article the situation has been addressed, but hospitals were running out of supplies and were going to local veterinary offices to get them.  The hospital system reportedly owes approximately $23 million to about 6,500 creditors, sounds similar to what’s going on here as well.  Related reading has links below to the series I wrote on “Desperate Hospitals” here in the US.  BD  image

Hospital 'gets supplies from local vet' - Australia 

Across Australia there appears to be a critical situation developing in some of the country's hospitals which is forcing doctors to speak out.

The crisis situation at Dubbo Base Hospital, in the central-west of New South Wales, has according to one doctor led to many medical professionals not being paid.

Dr. Dean Fisher, the chairman of the medical staff council at the hospital, has confirmed that funding problems have meant that many medical professionals have had to wait weeks and sometimes months to be paid for routine work and this has also affected other hospitals in the central-west.

In recent weeks there have been reports in the media of hospitals in the area running out of morphine, syringes and meat and fruit due to problems managing cash flow, which has resulted in suppliers cutting off supplies.

These reports have not been denied and while the issue has apparently now been addressed, it is a concern to the public that such a situation can be allowed to develop in the first place and reach such a level before action is taken.

Hospitals across Australia in crisis

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