It also works with existing security systems.  I could see this being of benefit at a hospital for not only restricted areas, but computers as well, no imagetoken, no log on.  Also, with working with Microsoft Security Certificates already in place, it might not be too difficult to set up.  BD 

In support of the Privaris family of personal identity verification tokens for secure physical and IT access, an updated version of its plusID Manager Version 2.0 software extends the capabilities and convenience to administer and enroll biometric tokens. The software offers  multi-client support, import and export functionality, more extensive reporting features and a key server for a more convenient method of securing tokens to the issuing organization.

The biometric token works “out-of-the-box” with existing card readers at doorways and with Microsoft Certificate Services. For users who do not operate Certificate Services, the Logical Access Support Package enables the token to work with standalone PCs for secure logon in lieu of passwords. The system communicates with PCs over USB or wirelessly via Bluetooth, and supports both two- and three-factor authentication mode.

Privaris Biometric Verification Software


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