I just thought I would add this in since covering quite a bit here on the blog about Surface technology which is making some huge inroads in imagehealthcare.  I have even had the opportunity to try my hand at protein folding on the unit, pretty wild stuff and easy to work with, and easy enough for security at the Super Bowl to set up and use it as their focal point for all their details.   Surface can also be projected to a larger screen, such as they do on MSNBC.  After having tried my hand on the unit, I can see where this is going to be a huge tool and put information and locations right at their fingertips.  Communication with Windows Mobile Cell phones and PCs will be enabled as well, along with quick video conferences if needed, wild like from phone to Surface, or PC to Surface.  BD

As you can imagine security at the Super Bowl is... tight, to say the least. Especially when in Tampa. But we have to cut them a break when you consider the magnitude of coordinating over 60 Federal, State, regional, local, and municipal bodies governing the only major sporting even that receives official National Security status.  
This year the hub of security will be focused around a Microsoft Surface computer. Along with partners, Microsoft has provided a way to display a Virtual Earth map of the event including any security incidents, resource allocation and tasks in real-time via the multi-touch table.

Surface 4


With a simple gesture, authorities can zoon in and out of a 3D model of Tampa, and even communicate with remote devices and PCs.
Law enforcement can communicate through an integrated Microsoft Office Communications Server, police can IM between each other, voice chat over IP, video conference and even talk using PC-to-radio/walkie-talkie.


From last week, VitruView that can be used in cardiology and works with Microsoft HealthVault.  More links in the related reading.  BD 



And a new version of Surface in development for Radiology – bigger. 


Super Bowl Security Driven by Microsoft Surface | Larry Larsen | Channel 10

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