Leave it to the media to bring on a new awareness for all.  It was searched the next day on Google heavier than any other condition, and probably imagestill is being searched.  Bad news, yes it can happen, good news, it can be fixed.  

I don’t watch the show so I heard about it here.  The number of cases each year doctors say are probably under reported for obvious reasons.   BD 

After Mark ''McSteamy'' Sloan suffers a penile fracture while enjoying some illicit closet sex with Lexie Grey in the episode, the Internet lit up with searches for information about the injury.

Searches for keywords ''penile fracture'' and ''broken penis'' were still high on the top search gainers list well into Friday morning as men everywhere asked in horror: Can that really happen?

Bad news, guys: the answer's yes. ''It's actually pretty common,'' says Dr. Daniel Ronel, a plastic surgeon in Santa Fe, New Mexico, who's treated the condition many times

The medical facts behind Dr. Sloan's 'penile fracture' on 'Grey's Anatonmy'


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