It appears product sales are finally being directly related to employment, or at least at Abbott, so I guess the ones selling the regular Vicodin stay put for at least the time being.  BD 

The drug industry job cuts just keep coming. The latest come from Abbott, which is letting 200 sales reps go, Bloomberg reports. The furloughed workers were supposed to be selling a long-acting pain pill that hasn’t made it to the market.

Trouble for the 12-hour version of pain pill Vicodin surfaced a few months ago, when Abbott said FDA had provided a “complete response” to the company’s application to market an the medicine, a combination of hydrocodone and acetaminophen. (”Complete response” replaced the euphemistic “approvable letter” in FDA’s jargon lexicon last year.)

Health Blog : Abbott Cuts Sales Reps After FDA Delays 12-Hour Vicodin


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